What is Bit Torrent? – Discover Why You Need It

When people hear about Bit Torrent, they often wonder what is Bit Torrent. If you have looked into this technology, you may have wondered about the idea of “torrents” as a concept. Well, it is important to know what torrents are, and that they can provide a great service to your website or blog. By educating yourself about Bit Torrent, you will be better prepared to engage with other Bit Torrent users in order to get your own Bit Torrent downloads rolling.

what is bit torrent

First of all, we must understand what Bit Torrent is not. Most individuals will confuse the term Bit Torrent with something else such as BitTorrent and track downloads. This is not the case, as we all know that BitTorrent has a much more specific definition which would include anything that runs through a directory that has been categorized by a program. A BitTorrent tracker is where all the BitTorrent files are stored, sorted, and distributed, so if you have ever worked with downloading files through a download manager, you already know how BitTorrent works.

The next question would be: “Why should I use BitTorrents?” There are a number of reasons why you would want to use BitTorrents and a few of them include: speed, bandwidth, and cost. Not only are BitTorrents fast, but it can also be very reliable, as the source for any file is verified before it is put online. Additionally, it is actually free, meaning that you do not have to pay extra if you do not want to, or if you do not need to.