Huawei MateBook thirteen vs. MateBook X Pro: What’s the distinction?

Still, you should be pleased with the Huawei MateBook 13’s screen. You’ll additionally find the XPS thirteen and Huawei Matebook 13 each sport an additional security feature— a Windows Hello fingerprint reader within the power button. With the XPS thirteen it is optionally available, however on the MateBook, it comes as standard to help ensure secure and environment friendly logins.

In reality, I’d be as daring as to say that the Matebook X Pro has one of the best keyboard on any laptop computer, save for perhaps the Lenovo Thinkpad T580. Huawei supplied TNW with a unit in “area gray,” and I’m a fan. Obviously, that is all hugely subjective, but I suppose the laptop has a quietly assured aesthetic. In that sense, the Huawei Matebook X Pro is a little bit of a black swan.

Of course, that’s expected, however in net browsing, it newest us about 6.7 hours, and about 7.1 hours in a video loop check. Since we couldn’t check the FHD mannequin of the XPS 13 it’s hard to truly inform the victor, but it seems virtually as near what Huawei promises with the MateBook thirteen.

Not only is it a slim, silver wedge (also made in Space Gray), it is easy to open its lid with a single hand, a hallmark of Apple’s notebooks. It additionally sports activities a shiny beveled edge around its keyboard deck, which the MacBooks do not. The entry-level Core i5/8GB/256GB mannequin, which doesn’t have a discrete graphics card, costs $1,199, or 1,499 euros (about $1,855). Got the Matebook X Pro after I came again from vacation and got the XPS 13 earlier than I left from Costco. I had to make use of a dongle way more typically with the XPS 13 vs the Matebook X Pro and I just found the general experience superior to the XPS 13 for a lot much less.

IMHO there’s nothing the XPS 13 does higher especially not $600 better, while there are lots of things the Matebook X Pro does higher. I hate that I like it a lot as a result of I actually dont like Huawei and their business practices however they made the proper Laptop for my wants at the most effective price available on the market. TL;DR Matebook X Pro is a Macbook for home windows accomplished proper and is $650~ lower than the XPS 13.

huawei matebook x pro vs dell xps 13

The MX150 graphics chip is much more highly effective the the Intel UHD 620. That’s more than double the score from the Intel GPU which managed only 1083. Oddly, although, Dell no longer sells an XPS 13 with a type of and sticks exclusively with the UHD 620 for the 2018 range. It’s called the MateBook X Pro quite than the X2 as a result of Huawei is pitching it against MacBook Pro and hoping that the lower price (and Windows) will tempt patrons away from Apple’s offering.

I had a hunch it would be good, however I didn’t suppose it would be this good. At the top of the day, the XPS 13 is the better possibility over the MateBook thirteen. With the same options for a similar Whiskey Lake processors, battery life that’s close to the MateBook 13, and a higher quality webcam, it is exhausting not to flip down. It also has more configurations out there, and ultimately, it’s definitely the better option for most consumers. In our testing of the XPS thirteen model geared up with a 4K panel, we didn’t get the best battery life.

Elsewhere, the keyboards on the MateBook thirteen and the XPS 13 are very totally different. Huawei’s MateBook thirteen sports activities an edge to edge keyboard with giant keycaps and 1.2 mm of journey. With a journey of 1.3mm on the XPS thirteen, we found that its keys have extra spring and aren’t slippery when typing. The XPS 13 and the MateBook 13 additionally measure up properly towards one another. With a width of 11.26 inches and an total thickness of zero.59 inches, the MateBook thirteen is smaller than the XPS 13 which is available in at eleven.9 inches in width, and a thickness of zero.forty six inches.

You will have to keep in mind specifics of your usage and then determine between Dell XPS thirteen vs Huawei MateBook X Pro. I should admit, earlier than I received my hands on the laptop, I had issues about the keyboard. In my experience, ultrabook keyboards aren’t that good, providing limited travel and tactile feedback. The finest example of that is the loathed butterfly keyboard on the post-2016 MacBook Pro.

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