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WATCH: Clinton Throws Out Black Lives Matter Activists During Speech On Race

Black Lives Matter protesters in Atlanta protest Hillary Clinton’s defense of the death penalty

Today, #BlackLivesMatter protesters interrupted a Hillary Clinton event in Atlanta addressing race, protesting her support of the death penalty. The protesters were promptly removed from the facility.

While Clinton spoke at a campaign event at Clark Atlanta University, a group of protesters began marching across the floor, singing and clapping. While the protesters were singing, the pro-Hillary crowd attempted to shout them down, chanting, “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!” The former Secretary of State tried unsuccessfully to silence the protesters, who say she hasn’t been vocal enough in her opposition to police brutality.

Hillary’s star-studded opening lineup, which included R&B singer Usher, civil rights activist and former Atlanta mayor Andrew Young, along with Congressman John Lewis, all unsuccessfully attempted to confront the protesters. AlterNet political writer Zaid Jilani pointed out the hypocrisy of Lewis and Young standing alongside a candidate who defends capital punishment — a policy that disproportionately affects people of color.

Hillary Clinton was expected to address racial profiling by police at the CAU event, though the protesters claim her racial justice platform is too little, too late. Prominent Black Lives Matter activist and New York Daily News senior justice writer Shaun King endorsed the action, calling on Clinton to more firmly oppose police violence in black communities.

Watch the initial video of the protest:

After the protesters were shouted down, police removed them from the event.

Clinton’s removal of Black Lives Matter protesters who interrupted her speech is a far cry from Bernie Sanders’ reaction to a Black Lives Matter interruption. When Sanders was interrupted during a speech in Seattle, Sanders gave the mic to the protesters and allowed them to air the grievances, even as the mostly-white crowd in attendance booed the speakers.

Hillary Clinton’s recent statement in favor of the death penalty during a speech in New Hampshire set her apart from Sanders, who has been vocal in his opposition to capital punishment.

Watch the protesters explain their protest to Usher:

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