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‘F*ck all porch monkeys’: Pro-Trump graffiti painted on Minnesota High School

For the last year, Donald Trump has let America know that bigotry is acceptable again. Now that he has won the election, kids and young adults around the country are following their new leader.

A High School student in York, Pennsylvania posted a short video of a group of white students marching through the hallway carrying a Donald Trump sign and chanting “white power.”

In Royal Oak, Michigan, a group of Junior High School students chanted “Build the wall! Build the wall!” in a full cafeteria.

Meanwhile, a bathroom in Maple Grove High School in Minnesota was vandalized with some of Trump’s slogans including “Make America Great Again” written alongside messages of hate directed at black students.


Other instances of graffiti combining the name of President Elect Trump with swastikas was spotted in multiple locations in Philadelphia.




These are just the first images since the election to be posted online by citizens around the country who are now concerned for their safety and the safety of others in their communities. But these instances of graffiti and chants and not-so-subtle racism have been happening more and more frequently as Trump’s popularity has grown over the last year. Students now believe that racism and bigotry are merely “telling it like it is,” and are just part of “locker room talk.”

The sad reality of this trend is that with Donald Trump as the President of the United States until 2020, racist rhetoric and white supremacist slogans will continue to become more normalized as America grapples with its new identity of a nation whose people inspire fear in anyone whose appearance or beliefs mark them as “different” from those who now firmly reside in Trump’s America.



James Woods ( AKA – JamesFromTheInternet) is an independent journalist based in New York City who can be reached on twitter @JamesFTInternet or via email:[email protected]


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