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BREAKING: Several Black Lives Matter Protesters Were Just Shot by White Supremacists in Minneapolis

This story is developing.

[This story has been updated, and two suspects have been arrested connected to the shootings. Please find the updated story here.]

A peaceful demonstration for Jamar Clark and Black Lives Matter exploded into violence late Monday night in Minneapolis when suspected white supremacists opened fire on the protesters.

Early reports seemed to indicate that only two had been shot, but it appears that a total of five people have been shot. The AP confirmed five with the police, supporting what many other protesters stated via Twitter.

The suspects at this time are white males in ski masks. Protesters have alleged that they were white supremacists based on their earlier behavior and presence at the rally, and police and others say that they are equipped with bullet-proof vests.

Misky Noor, a Black Lives Matter spokeswoman, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, “A group of white supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights.” Protesters tried to eject them peacefully when they suddenly opened fire about a block away from the 4th precinct.

DeRay Mckesson, activist and outspoken advocate for black rights, is on the scene and is reporting that there have been incidents of police macing protesters at the scene after the shootings. Other live reports corroborate the use of mace by police.  

Furthermore, activist @micamaryjane has been on the scene and stated that it took 15 minutes for ambulances to arrive and provide support for the wounded protesters.

The exact condition of those harmed is still unknown, though police have said that all wounds are non-threatening and that all victims should recover after hospital stays.

Protesters were staging a demonstration around the 4th Precinct in Minneapolis to protest the killing of Jamar Clark, whom witnesses say was handcuffed on the ground when shot by the police. Protesters have been demanding justice and the release of video surveillance footage that the police have not yet released.

This story is still developing. This article will be updated to keep up with the latest developments as the full situation becomes clearer.

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