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Trump family friend reports Melania is ‘miserable’ as First Lady, ‘unhappy with how her life ended up’

According to sources close to the Trump family, Melania Trump is reportedly extremely unhappy with her new life as First Lady of the United States.

Trump family stylist and longtime friend Phillip Bloch told gossip magazine Us Weekly that Melania had “a lot to cope with,” adding, “This life wasn’t her dream. It was Donald’s.

The tension between President Trump and Melania was on full display at the inauguration, with body language experts remarking at how tense the First Lady seemed when having any physical contact with her husband. Videos from the swearing-in ceremony revealed the distance between Donald and Melania, from Melania turning a smile into a frown the moment her husband looked away, and President Trump abandoning his wife in the vehicle while rushing up the stairs to greet President Obama, prompting Melania to open her own door. Barack Obama even had to help Melania up the White House steps as Donald ignored her.

“Melania is unhappy with how her life ended up,” an unidentified Trump family source told Us Weekly. “She is miserable.”

Rather than living in the Wast Wing of the White House, the First Lady is currently residing in Trump Tower in New York City with her son, Barron, saying she won’t move to Washington, DC until Barron finishes school. However, earlier this month, CBS New York reported that Melania may not be moving to Washington at all.

While the family source told the celebrity gossip magazine that Mrs. Trump is happiest at Mar-a-Lago and “loves Palm Beach,” she has to conceal her unhappiness in view of the public.

“Don’t let her smile in those photos fool you,” the source said. “She hates this.”

Us Weekly quoted another anonymous source close to the First Lady who countered the family friend’s claims by saying the First Lady was “very happy with her life and supporting her husband and family.”


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