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New Yorkers hold vigil for Bowling Green ‘massacre’ victims

The New York Daily News reports on a mock vigil for non-existent victims of the “Bowling Green Massacre,” which didn’t happen. The New York City Vigil Friday evening was held across the street from Bowling Green park in Lower Manhattan, by the subway stop of the same name.

“We’re commemorating the victims of Bowling Green,” said Chris Bauer as he stifled a smile, reports the Daily News. “It never happened so they were never commemorated.”

Bauer was among a handful of other observers of the holding signs and shouting, “We all are Bowling Green, never remember never forget.”

Kellyanne Conway Attacks Media For Ignoring ‘Bowling Green Massacre,’ Which Doesn’t Exist

The vigil a block away from the Wall Street bull was not the only symbolic parody of Kellyanne Conway’s Thursday gaffe, in which she indicted the press for their failure to cover a massacre allegedly planned by Iraqi refugees, the fictional “Bowling Green Massacre.”


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