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Clinton’s Attacks Backfire as Bernie Sanders Hauls in $1.4 Million in One Day

After slipping in the polls to Bernie Sanders in polls for both of the first-in-the-nation primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, Clinton has gone on the offensive, launching new attacks against the senator’s healthcare plan and questioning his record on gun control.

Sanders’ supporters have come left and right out of the woodwork since then, with Biden backing the senator’s record on guns during a recent interview and Politifact confirming that Sanders’ plan would save the average family about $1,200 a year, not cost them more. However, Clinton’s attacks may have had yet another unintended consequence that works in Sanders’ favor.

The Sanders campaign started a new fundraising push accusing the Clinton campaign of “vicious and coordinated attacks” against the senator, and has raised over 1.4 million since the attacks began yesterday.

Michael Briggs, a Sanders spokesperson, even went so far as to extend a sarcastic “Thanks, Team Clinton,” during a press conference on Wednesday afternoon.

“As of now, we are at about $1.4 million raised since yesterday when the panic attacks by the Clinton campaign began,” Briggs continued. “We’ve gotten 47,000 contributions. We’re projecting 60,000 donations. Even for our people-powered campaign, this is pretty darn impressive.”

The campaign is receiving money at four times the the average rate they experienced in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Clinton feigned nonchalance during interviews, stating “I am not nervous at all,” in an interview Wednesday on NBC’s “Today” show. “I’m excited about where we are.”

However, many analysts are pointing to her actions as signs that she recognizes that the Sanders campaign is a very real threat to her own, and an email sent by her own campaign to supporters in Iowa last week was titled “Nervous.”

Clinton’s 20-point national lead has shrunk to 7 points according to Tuesday’s New York Times-CBS News poll, and Sanders has taken a 5-point lead in Iowa while maintaining a double-digit lead in New Hampshire.

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