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Bernie Sanders Just Shattered Fundraising Records to Fund the Political Revolution

To hear the pundits tell it, Bernie Sanders’ campaign is on its last leg. But if Bernie’s February fundraising totals are an indicator, the political revolution Sanders is calling for has begun.

As of this writing, Bernie Sanders is on target to raise over $42 million for the month of February. This morning, the Vermont senator originally set a goal of $40 million by 11:59 PM Pacific Time after announcing that his campaign had already raked in $36 million between February 1 and February 28. The campaign reached the $40 million goal shortly after 8 PM Eastern Time. According to the Sanders campaign, nearly $42 million has been raised by 1.4 million individual contributions, meaning the average contribution was approximately $30.


Fundraising ticker from the Bernie Sanders campaign.

This equates to over $6 million raised in one day on the heels of Sanders’ crushing defeat in South Carolina. The one-day total is nearly as much as Sanders raised in the aftermath of his decisive win in the New Hampshire primary in early February, when the Sanders campaign raised $6.4 million in one day. While the Hillary Clinton campaign hasn’t yet disclosed its February fundraising total, it’s likely Sanders will have outraised the former Secretary of State for the second consecutive month. In January, Sanders raised nearly $5 million more than the Democratic front-runner, largely from a wave of small donations.

A recent Los Angeles Times article showed that some within the Democratic party were doubtful of Hillary Clinton’s fundraising viability if the nominating contest lasted late into the Summer, as the former First Lady and New York senator is already on the verge of tapping out her fundraising base. Many of her donors have already given the maximum $2700 donation one can give throughout the course of an election year.

“The pond is getting fished out. Everyone is sending invitations to the same group of people. And those people have already given as much as they are allowed to give,” an unnamed Clinton bundler from Los Angeles told the Times.

Democratic voters in 12 states will vote tomorrow on Super Tuesday, where a large portion of delegates are up for grabs.

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