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Media Silent as Bernie Sanders Packs Seattle Arena Beyond Capacity (LIVE VIDEO)

Tonight’s Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle, Washington is one of the biggest ones to date.

The Vermont senator will be speaking to a capacity crowd at Key Arena in Seattle, to excite his base in Washington State before voters caucus on March 26. According to tweets from the scene, the overflow crowd watching Sanders’ speech on screens outside the stadium might be bigger than the crowd inside, where capacity is 17,854. Not long after Secret Service started letting Sanders supporters inside the venue, the campaign already started preparing overflow space.

And, of course, in true Sanders fashion, Bernie spoke to the thousands gathered outside the arena before going inside to the main event:

At ground level, the crowd was truly massive, taking over the entire street adjacent to Key Arena.

Inside the venue, roaring throngs of Sanders supporters were chanting the senator’s first name while waiting for Sanders to arrive.

While waiting for Sen. Sanders to finish speaking to the overflow crowd, members of the indigenous Tulalip tribe performed onstage in Sanders’ honor. Sanders recently made waves in Arizona, where he altered his stump speech to call on the U.S. government to return sacred lands back to Native Americans and right the wrongs of previous generations.

Seattle is definitely Bernie country. According to the Seattle Times, the city leads the rest of the nation in donations to Sanders’ campaign, per capita. Seattle donated $596,578 to Sanders as of January 31, meaning an average of $893 donated for every 1,000 Seattle residents.

Sanders’ campaign was dealt a body blow on March 15, when he lost 4 states to Hillary Clinton (he officially conceded Missouri days later after tying on March 15). However, the Vermont senator is positioned to win a majority, if not all of the coming primaries in Western states. Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, Alaska, Wisconsin, and Wyoming all have caucuses and primaries in the coming two weeks, and Sanders is poised to win in nearly all of them.

Watch live feed of Sanders’ Seattle rally below:


Tom Cahill is a writer for US Uncut based in the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in coverage of political, economic, and environmental news. You can contact Tom via email at [email protected]

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