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Bernie Sanders Wins the Utah Caucus and Reignites His Campaign

The Utah caucuses were packed tonight, and an overwhelming majority of caucus-goers picked Bernie Sanders.

With 241 of 2,235 precincts reporting, the Associated Press projects Bernie Sanders as the winner of the Democratic caucus in one of the most conservative state in the country by a 75-24 margin over Hillary Clinton. Sanders will take home at least 18 of the 37 proportionally awarded delegates in Utah, and he remains on target for the nomination, as Sanders needs at least 58 percent of the remaining vote to capture the nomination ahead of the Democratic National Convention in July. Turnout was even higher than expected — there were reports on the ground of precincts running out of ballots and lines stretching for blocks.

Sanders’ victory was likely made possible by the scores of young voters and independents, as they waited for hours in line to caucus for the Vermont senator.

Recently, Sanders was named the “king of credibility” by The Hill, as the Democratic Socialist consistently ranks #1 out of all five remaining presidential candidates when it comes to the percentage of Americans who trust what he says. Out of all Democrats surveyed, 84 percent said Sanders was honest and trustworthy, compared to just 54 percent for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The next round of primaries and caucuses take place on Saturday, March 26, when voters in Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska will choose between Sanders and Clinton. Sanders is heavily favored in all three upcoming states.


Tom Cahill is a writer for US Uncut based in the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in coverage of political, economic, and environmental news. You can contact Tom via email at [email protected]

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