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BUSTED: Iowa Precinct Captain Revealed as Paid, Out-of-State Staffer for Clinton Campaign

With the potentially pivotal Iowa caucus mere hours away, the Bernie Sanders campaign has found evidence to suggest that Hillary has been “infiltrating the caucuses with out-of-state paid staffers.”


The alarming controversy began when Sanders supporter Dennis Clifford received a letter from the Clinton campaign urging him to caucus for Clinton. While this isn’t in itself unusual, the letter named a paid staffer from out of state as its precinct captain.

“It’s my job to make sure all of Hillary’s supporters are in attendance on caucus night to ensure Hillary wins,” the out-of-state captain said.

“I think this raises a very serious concern,” Jeff Weaver, national campaign chairman for Sanders, told Yahoo! News. “I would hope that the media will be able to get to this before Monday night.”

Precinct captains are traditionally entirely staffed by Iowans. Weaver calls this a “highly irregular” practice on the part of the Clinton campaign, with some experts worrying that this placement “could easily lead to abuse.”

While Weaver assured Bernie supporters that he’s not concerned specifically about this single out-of-state precinct captain, he did insist that this could be a small link in a larger strategy by the Clinton campaign to have “non-residents attempt to participate and be counted in the caucus.”

Running contrary to what the intercepted letter suggests, the Clinton campaign continues to maintain that all of its precinct captains are Iowans.

“People who are in the caucuses are supposed to be Iowa voters,” Weaver said. “Of course we have out-of-state staff. I’m here in Iowa right now and, you know, I don’t live in Iowa, but I’m not going to the caucuses either to participate. I’m not trying to participate in the caucuses.”

Ironically, Clinton’s people also accused Barack Obama’s team in 2008 with “systematically trying to manipulate the Iowa caucuses with out-of-state people.” It’s now very possible that she’s adopted such manipulations into her own political playbook.


Nathan Wellman is an LA-based journalist, playwright, and novelist. Follow him on Twitter:[email protected]

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