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John Oliver Annihilates Donald J. ‘Drumpf’ in Masterful Takedown (VIDEO)

John Oliver decided that tonight was the night to lay the smack down on Donald Trump, as he’s now won three states and recently received an endorsement from Chris Christie.

Oliver starts by running clips of Trump supporters declaring things like “he tells it like it is,” “he’s independent,” and “he’s tough.” He then proceeds to shred each of these fallacies one by one.

Responding to the claim that Trump is a plain dealer, Oliver notes that Politifact rated 76% of what Trump said in 77 statements as varying degrees of false, from “Mostly False” to “Pants on Fire.”

He goes through other false statements made by Trump, including the claim that Oliver invited him to be on his show “four or five times.” Oliver hilariously joked that he had to make sure his staff didn’t invite Trump on the show at some point because of how supremely confident Trump was in the lie.

Oliver also questions Trump’s alleged “TEN BILLION DOLLAR” worth, bringing up a transcribed comment from a failed lawsuit in which “he claimed that his net worth changes depending on his mood! Particularly since he seems to usually be in the same mood: smug, yet gassy.”

He then attacks the fallacy that Trump’s name alone can make something successful, noting that Trump Shuttle, Trump Vodka, Trump Magazine, Trump University, GoTrump.com, Trump Mortgage, and Trump Steak (sold through The Sharper Image) all failed.

Later, he shows a clip of his son talking about the family name, saying “I don’t know if it brings stability or viability, but I imagine certain people feel that.” Oliver suggested that would be the most honest possible Donald Trump slogan.

After going through a slew of lies Trump has told on camera, he says the problem is it never matters even if you catch Trump in a lie. “You can hold his feet to the fire, but he’ll just stand there on the stumps bragging about his fireproof foot skin,” he jokes.

Oliver goes on to note Trump’s inconsistencies, particularly regarding politics. Trump has been pro-choice, pro-life, for assault weapons, against assault weapons, and for Syrian refugees coming into the country, only to later be against it.

He rightfully calls Trump’s response to CNN when asked about well known ex-Ku Klux Klan leader and long time politician David Duke troubling. Trump said “Well, just so you understand, I don’t know anything about David Duke — ok? I don’t even know what you’re talking about with White Supremacy or White Supremacists.”

Oliver immediately notes that Trump called David Duke a racist back in 2000, but demands “that isn’t even the fucking point.” Oliver says, “The scary part is that we have no idea which of his inconsistent views he will hold in office. Will he stand by his statement that vaccines are linked to autism? Or that Mexico is sending us rapists?”

Oliver admits that people seem to love Trump, and that his name is somehow synonymous with wealth and success. Therefore, he provides a solution.

“It turns out the name Trump was not always his family’s name, one biographer found that an prescient ancestor had changed it from Drumpf.” He then takes a shot at Trump for chastising Jon Stewart’s Jewish family for changing their name, as Trump’s family did the exact same thing.

Oliver ends his epic rant by asking America to #MakeDonaldDrumphAgain, and then tells viewers about a new Chrome extension his team created that makes every “Trump” on one’s screen into a “Drumpf,” and some #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain hats available on his website.




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