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33% of Sanders Supporters Will Not Vote for Clinton If She Wins Nomination

After Bernie Sanders’ recent victory in Michigan, it’s clear that anything can still happen in the Democratic primary. However, if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton does secure the nomination, a new poll suggests that Sanders supporters may not fall in line behind her.

According to the recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, Hillary’s lead over Bernie has shrunk down to 53%, while Bernie is gaining on her at 44%. The real takeaway, however, is that 33% of Sanders supporters say that they “Could not see themselves supporting Clinton” in the general election. Additionally, 32% describe themselves as having “a negative view of Clinton.”

As Bernie put it at a recent rally, “It’s one thing to have the support of the establishment. It is another thing to have the support of the people.”

Furthermore, an overwhelmingly majority of independents side with Sanders over Clinton, including 70% of independents in Michigan and 72% in New Hampshire. He also retains an overwhelming edge in “trustworthiness” in exit polls and opinion polls, which find even Trump is more trustworthy than Clinton.

This is yet more bad news for the constantly stumbling Clinton campaign. Almost every major poll already shows Sanders beating Trump by a much higher margin than a “Hillary vs. Trump” match up. These newest poll results only cast more doubts on Clinton’s ability to unite progressives and win the general election.

That being said, Bernie has pledged to support Clinton should she win the nomination. Many have theorized that Clinton might name Bernie as her running mate in order to secure his supporters.

However, a viral video which features Yahoo News’ Katie Couric may throw water on Clinton supporters hoping for such an outcome. Couric asked him if he would consider being Clinton’s Vice President, to which he only replied “Would she be interested in being MY vice President?”

Nathan Wellman is a Los Angeles-based journalist, author, and playwright. Follow him on Twitter: @LightningWOW

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