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The Nevada Caucus is a Complete Fiasco

According to the latest on-the-ground reports from Democratic caucus-goers in Nevada, the entire process is being described as a “fiasco” where confusion and deception is rampant.

The Reno Gazette-Journal (RGJ) reported that there were “long lines, too few ballots” at caucus locations. Gwen Ritchie, who was caucusing at Hug High School in Washoe County, told the RGJ that her caucus was supposed to start at 11:30 AM local time, yet she and others were still waiting by 12:45. Edwin Basl, who is caucusing at Peavine Elementary School, told RGJ that he was experiencing “Completely silly loooonnnnngggg waiting lines. This should be a primary vote, not a caucus process.”

Reports of too few paper ballots are widespread. In one instance, voters with no ballots were told to wait in line to see precinct captains, who had more paper ballots. After waiting for hours, voters were told that they had to move all the way to the back of the line. One man reportedly waited for over 80 minutes due to ballot issues:

The lines to register stretched on for hours. Reddit user PartyPartyKickIt reported that many of the people were physically unable to stand in long lines at precinct 2008, Cheyenne High School:

Many of the people leaving are disabled. They did not come prepared to wait in lines for this amount of time, and there is no express line for disabled citizens.

There are also allegations of dirty tricks and deception. Reddit user SamBoeres posted a photo of a sign-in sheet at his caucus, precinct 5616, that had a Hillary For Nevada logo. The person passing out the sign-in sheet said it was “for the democratic party,” despite the obvious campaign logo:

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One Twitter user captured video of Hillary Clinton supporters caucusing for the former Secretary of State without registering. When the person filming asked a precinct volunteer about it, they were told the Clinton supporters would register after caucusing:

There were also reports of supposed precinct volunteers registering new Democratic voters and automatically marking their preference for Hillary Clinton. Reddit user PPG113, who was caucusing at precinct 6686, alleged one precinct volunteer was working in tandem with the Clinton campaign:

registered early, followed directions at my caucus location. Had to reregister and the person copying my info attempted to marked me down for a differnt person than I told them. Only corrected after bringing it up 3 times…

The Volunteer was at the express desk, and no one seemed to know that were SUPPOSE to also still allow democratic party registration, though that is a different matter. Said volunteer clicked on hillary on his screen when I told him clearly Bernie, he froze, and on my third repeat, he corrected it as I stared at him. What, if anything it changes, I do not know since it was not my ballet sheet he was marking. After an hour or so, he happened to walk into my precinct and to the Hillary group’s tables.

And as US Uncut reported earlier today, Hillary Clinton supporters were seen changing into t-shirts made to look like the t-shirts worn by members of National Nurses United, which is one of Bernie Sanders’ most ardent union supporters.

The consumer website FreshDesk has launched a platform for observers to report irregularities at the Nevada caucus. The Sanders campaign has an official hotline, 702-778-4336, which supporters can use to report any issues getting in the way of voting.


Tom Cahill is a writer for US Uncut based in the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in coverage of political, economic, and environmental news. You can contact Tom via email at [email protected]

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