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Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor just declined the job offer

President Trump is back to the drawing board after Vice Admiral Robert Harward (Ret.) declined his offer to be the next National Security Advisor.

Citing two anonymous sources, the Financial Times reported that Trump is trying hard to get Harward — a former Navy Seal who was a deputy to Secretary of Defense James Mattis while Mattis was a general at U.S. Central Command — to reconsider. CBS’ Alan He tweeted on Thursday afternoon that Harward has refused to take on the National Security Advisor role in the Trump White House.

Harward declined the offer, protesting that he wasn’t being allowed to hire his own staff. According to Foreign Policy magazine, Harward was going to fill his office with National Security Council veterans from the Bush administration during his time there between 2003 and 2005.

Trump is now having to begin the recruiting process once again to fill the role vacated on Monday night by General Michael Flynn (Ret.) who was found to have discussed the lifting of sanctions with Russia in a phone conversation with Sergey Kislyak — the Russian Federation’s ambassador to the United States — prior to Donald Trump being officially sworn in as president.

Flynn also didn’t disclose a 2015 trip to Moscow to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin to the Pentagon, in which he may have even been paid by the Russian government, according to Politico. At a White House press conference on Thursday evening, Trump defended Flynn, and said he was simply “doing his job.”


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