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Mitch McConnell ran away from protesters at the airport, so they followed him home (VIDEO)

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who silenced Elizabeth Warren on the senate floor this week, just got the best homecoming parade ever.

Both Sen. McConnell (R-Kentucky) and Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Kentucky) were arriving at the Louisville International Airport at approximately the same time, to very different public receptions. A crowd of Kentuckians cheered for Rep. Yarmuth — who has been outspoken in his criticism of President Trump’s Muslim ban — as he walked through the terminal, but loudly booed Sen. McConnell upon his arrival.

McConnell quickly absconded to a waiting SUV, where he was driven back to his lavish East Louisville home. Protesters, however, didn’t give up, opting to instead follow their senator back to his neighborhood. Over the next several hours, several hundred protesters gathered on the quiet residential street and read Coretta Scott King’s 1986 letter about Jeff Sessions over a bullhorn.

Protesters also did a “mic check” recitation mocking McConnell’s explanation of why he rebuked Sen. Warren (D-Massachusetts), in which he explained his action by saying, “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

While the senate was debating Senator Jeff Sessions’ (R-Alabama) confirmation for Attorney General, Sen. Warren read aloud a letter written by Martin Luther King’s widow, Coretta Scott King, from 1986, in which she urged senators to vote against his confirmation for a federal judgeship on the grounds that he would use the post to inflict harm on people of color. McConnell interrupted Warren to invoke an arcane procedural rule that forbids senators from impugning their colleagues, resulting in her being silenced throughout the remainder of the confirmation debate.

Sessions’ 1986 appointment was rejected by the Republican-led Senate during Ronald Reagan’s second term as president. The current Republican-led senate officially confirmed him as the next Attorney General of the United States on Wednesday.


Tom Cahill is a writer for US Uncut based in the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in coverage of political, economic, and environmental news. You can contact him via email at [email protected], or follow him on Facebook

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