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Student creates powerful photo series protesting Trump’s comments about women — but Facebook keeps banning it

An 18-year-old student’s art project highlighting President-elect Donald Trump’s demeaning comments about women is going viral.

For Aria Watson, her #SignedbyTrump photo series — done for her final for her Intro to Photography class at Clatsop Community College in Oregon — was her first foray into political expression.

“I never really cared for or understood politics, but this year was different,” Watson told BuzzFeed News. “Although I was two weeks too young to actually vote, I was old enough to see what was happening and learn about it.”

“All I wanted from these photos was to help people realize who Donald Trump really is, and I just want to feel heard,” Watson continued. “I know most people are set on their opinions about Trump, but I just hope one person sees ‘#SignedByTrump’ and it opens their eyes.”

The photos show a series of faceless women either in the nude or in their underwear, with the President-elect’s crude and degrading comments about women painted onto their bare bodies in bold, block letters. The comments include Trump’s comments about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly (“She had blood coming out of her wherever”), his leaked conversation with Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush (“Grab ’em by the pussy”), his judgments about supermodel Heidi Klum’s looks (“No longer a ten”), his comments to Apprentice contestant Brande Roderick (“That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees”), and others.

“When Trump beat [Democratic nominee Hillary] Clinton, my heart shattered,” Watson said. “I knew I had to create something different.”

While Watson’s photo series was deleted by Facebook and Instagram, she has since posted the photos to her personal Tumblr blog in hopes that they’ll have a home on the internet. We’ve also included Watson’s photos below. (EDITOR’S NOTE: Some of these photos contain female nudity and are not safe for work.)

 trumpart1 trumpart2 trumpart3 trumpart4 trumpart5 trumpart6 trumpart7


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