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I heard they were settling the category action law go well with . I actually have to pay to repair it and if it does it again they may pay to repair it . THEY DONT STAND BEHIND THERE JUNK. My washer also is junk. I too have the identical problem with the ice maker not working accurately.

We attempted to take away the ice that was forming on the surface of the tray. It help for a short time however then it repeated the cycle of freezing over. I was told by a repair person they’d not contact it because of the danger of damaging the each the refrigerator and freezer operations. Our Samsung mannequin number rf28hedbsr/aa has been broken for almost a yr now. The ice maker makes this constant clicking noise that is very loud.

What is the best Samsung refrigerator?

Both are good, but Whirlpool has a better rating based on 30,761 service calls logged by our service department last year. If you need repair, Whirlpool will be easier to find service. Samsung is a bit spotty for service in certain areas of the country. Made in the US, Whirlpool is more reliable and easier to fix.

Can I nonetheless get into this regulation swimsuit. I would like to be added to this class motion suit. Purchased a house 4 years ago that had a mannequin #RF263BEAESR/AA Samsung fridge in the home.

Last July the refrigerator was not cooling. Was advised that the back panel was iced over.

It was making an Icey slush and water was leaking every time we use it. My model quantity is RF28JBEDSR/AAA and Serial Number is 07Y843BKA03998Y, purchased on 02/19. PLEASE add me to your Class Action Lawsuit. I have an older 2 door Samsung that has all the time accrued ice in the refrigerator part. I will have to take every thing out and let the ice melt in order for the refrigerator to begin cooling once more.

I had my refrigerator over a year before I discover the icemaker freeze. I known as Samsung and they said it was out of warranty. I didnt want to pay over $400 to have it fastened . I bin defrosting the icemaker ever two weeks for years .

Sometimes we get semi slushy ice or no ice at all. My Samsung Ice Maker began freezing final month. I eliminated the build up and it’s frozen again. Have no ice and the ice maker container gets caught on a regular basis and need to strive hard to tug it out.

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