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Trump’s new slogan is copied verbatim from horror film ‘The Purge’

The Purge: Election Year’s tagline was “Keep America Great.” It’s also going to be the theme of Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

You can’t make this shit up.

The President-elect won’t be officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States until Friday, but he’s already thinking hard about his 2020 campaign for re-election. In an interview with the Washington Post, Trump told reporters that he was planning on making his next campaign slogan “Keep America Great,” as a compliment to his original “Make America Great Again” slogan. Trump liked the new brand so much that he interrupted the interview to call for his attorney to begin a trademark application for the phrase.

“I never thought I’d be giving [you] my expression for four years [from now],” Trump told the Post. “But I am so confident that we are going to be, it is going to be so amazing. It’s the only reason I give it to you. If I was, like, ambiguous about it, if I wasn’t sure about what is going to happen — the country is going to be great.”

However, there’s already going to be some brand confusion, given that “Keep America Great” was the tagline for the 2016 horror film The Purge: Election Year, the third film in a trilogy about a new American government lowering crime and unemployment rates by making all crimes — including murder — legal for one day out of a year.

The second and third installments in the series were particularly political, with a plot line about the government deploying death squads to low-income neighborhoods on Purge night to specifically target the poor as a way of lightening the tax burden on the wealthy. In The Purge: Anarchy, which was released in 2014, resistance movement leader Carmelo Johns leads a bloody revolt against wealthy oligarchs who capture low-income Americans on Purge night and forces them to play the role as game in a hunting simulation:

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The clip below contains graphic violence and language)

The Purge: Election Year’s writers wanted to play off of Donald Trump’s campaign slogan for their film. James DeMonaco, who wrote the original script, told Entertainment Weekly that Trump was certainly an inspiration for the gruesome film’s script:

“Little things drip into you when you’re writing or you’re on set — you’re grabbing from the ether or what’s out there in the press. I think there’s a lot of representation of everyone who’s in the game right now, from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders to John Kasich,” DeMonaco said. “I’d like to the audience to play with it and see who they feel is representative of the actual candidates in the real world, without me saying who’s who. I think the audience will have a lot of fun saying, ‘Oh, that reminds me of something Donald said!’”

Trump has, as of this writing, not responded to the revelation that his re-election slogan is taken from a politically charged horror film.


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